The Best Portable Water Filter For Clean Water Anywhere You Go

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what we recommend as the best portable drinking water filer, our winner is the JTTVO filtered water bottle.

Love to take water with you wherever you go? Disposable water bottles can be inconvenient and expensive. However, portable water filters allow you to continuously refill your bottle and provide you with clean drinking water.

It can be hard to find the right one, so we’ve done the research to help you find the best portable drinking water filter for your lifestyle.

Top Five Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Portable Drinking Water Filter

Portable water filters aren’t all created equal. Features will vary depending on the brand. For instance, some brands make filters that are lightweight and perfect for outdoorsy types. Some are made with more durable materials and may therefore be more heavy or bulky. Be sure to consider features carefully so that you make the best choice.

Safe Materials

While filtering materials are usually safe, other materials used in constructing a water filter may pose health concerns. For instance, the plastic materials, especially when heated, may leak harmful chemicals into the water. One such chemical, bisphenol A (BPA), is used in the production of epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics.

Studies have shown that the compound mimics estrogen and is classified as a man-made estrogen, also known as xenoestrogen. The chemicals can contribute to various diseases and abnormalities, ranging from cancer, fibroids, gynecomastia and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Fortunately, BPA free plastics are on the rise and are widely available alternatives. You can also find materials that are plastic-free, such as stainless steel and bamboo.


Most of us enjoy the convenience of a portable filter because we love to vacation, travel or explore the outdoors. Therefore, a heavy filter can be an unnecessary burden. Weight depends on capacity, materials and the type of filtration system. You’ll need to carefully consider all three aspects to avoid carrying too much weight.


With all the fancy and innovative styles and filtration systems available, it’s easy to fall prey. Just remember that an effective portable filter doesn’t need to hurt your wallet. There are plenty of filters on the market that have all-around quality but also fit your budget. It’s imperative to shop around and weigh your options to find the best deals.

Filter Life

Whatever your reasons are for needing a portable water filter, we can all agree that long lasting is the better option. Every filter has its capacity; However, you can get a lot more out of some brands. Filtering capacity ranges from about 16 gallons all the way up to 100,000 gallons.

Filtering Rate

This quality may not be a big concern if you’re just carrying your filter to work or on a shopping trip. However, a slow filtering system might be somewhat of a burden if you’re hiking or camping. So, if it matters to you, compare filtration rates. The faster the rate, the easier life will be.

Most Common Types of Portable Water Filters

Portable water filters are available in multiple varieties. While each type is effective at filtering water, the filtering processes aren’t the same. Here’s an overview of the types.

Gravity Filters

These types of filters work by using, you guessed it, gravity. The top compartment of the filter contains the unfiltered water, and the bottom compartment catches the filtered water. Gravity pulls the unfiltered water through a filter medium, usually made of activated carbon/charcoal and ceramic.

These systems are ideal if you are in a place where clean water is scarce, such as a camping or hiking trip. Enjoy spending time with nature without sacrificing your health, comfort or wallet. Gravity filters can remove microorganisms, chlorine and man-made chemicals from water. Less pre-packed water means less weight to carry. Plus, there’s no need to spend extra money on bottled water.

Just remember to keep the top and bottom parts separated to avoid contamination.

Bottle Filters

Bottle filters typically work with a carbon-based or fiber filters. They can remove heavy metals, including arsenic, as well as microbes. Another benefit is that filters used in bottle filters usually retain the healthy minerals that are present in the water.

These are also flexible since they can be used as regular drinking bottles by simply removing the filter. There’s no need to carry along an extra container, so this one gets five stars for convenience.

While bottle filters are great at reducing the presence of heavy metals and microorganisms, they aren’t as effective at filtering out chemicals like fluoride.

Straw Filters

Straw filters are both lightweight and innovative. The filters contain large straw-shaped fibers that filter the water. The fibers are so tightly woven that any particles in the water that are too large to pass through are then filtered out, leaving you with clean water.

These filters can remove microbes and other particles. However, they aren’t quite as effective at removing heavy metals and man-made chemicals.

Pump Filters

Pump filters can be made with any of the filtration systems mentioned above or a combination of them. To use a pump filter, you connect a line from the water source to your recipient container. Then you just pump the water, which travels through the filtration.

Pump filters usually can retain the minerals present in the water while filtering out microbes and particles.

What Are The Top 5 Best Portable Drinking Water Filters?

We’ve done all the hard work to help you decide which is the best portable water filter. So just check them out below.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Price Level: $

Lifestraw is an award-winning portable filter that’s ideal for anyone who is on the move. It uses hollow fiber technology that removes parasites and bacteria. The fiber’s pores are .2 microns in size, making it virtually impossible for parasites, microplastics and bacteria to pass through.

This would come in pretty handy for explorers of lands less travelled. There’s less fear of infection and ruining your vacation due to sickness. This filter exceeds the EPA standards, giving you peace of mind.

One feature that was surprisingly pleasant is the taste that it renders. Even some of the filthiest water found in off-the-grid locations tastes like it was drawn from a fresh spring.

Lifestraw is also ultra light, weighing in at just two ounces, and can filter up to 1,000 liters. It also comes with a 9 by 1 by 1 sealable bag, which is great for storage.

You may also appreciate the BPA-free plastic.

One concern is that it doesn’t specialize in removing toxic chemicals. However, this is not as much of a concern since many of the water sources this would be used for are in remote places that do not contain chemically treated water.


  • Light weight
  • Kills nearly 100 percent of microbes
  • Removes microplastics
  • Exceeds EPA standards
  • Storage included
  • No expiration date
  • Great taste
  • BPA-free material
  • Affordable


  • Does not filter out chemicals such as fluoride
  • Easily becomes clogged
  • Requires more suction than expected

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Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

Price Level: $$

This filter is one of the most effective drinking water filters on the market and is excellent for outdoor exploration. It removes all microplastics, 99 percent of protozoa and 99 percent of bacteria. The filter is comprised of strong, tiny hollow fibers that make it difficult for anything except pure water to pass through. Each pore size is no more than .1 microns.

The fiber is sealed for further protection, and each filter undergoes rigorous testing.

Every 16 ounce pouch has a whopping 100,000 gallon capacity.

The package also comes with a drinking straw, a cleaning plunger and reusable pouch. This filter is also available in multiple colors. 


  • Removes microplastics
  • Innovative Hollow Fiber technology
  • Affordable
  • Removes microbes
  • 100,000 gallon capacity
  • Multiple color options
  • Rigorously tested
  • Reusable pouch included
  • Cleansing plunger included
  • Drinking straw included


  • Not ideal for removal of chemicals and heavy metals
  • Prone to leakage after a few uses

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JTTVO Water Bottle with Filter Integrated 4 Stage Filtered Water Bottle

Price Level: $$

This water bottle uses four filtering techniques for highly effective filtration. It uses antimicrobial beads, a hollow fiber membrane, medical grade cotton and coconut derived activated charcoal. Therefore, it minimizes heavy metals, chemicals such as chlorine, bacteria and parasites.

The JTTVO is a great choice if you’re concerned about all water contaminants since it filters out more than most other portable filters. Its four stage filtration makes it ideal for any lifestyle, whether you need to filter tap water or water from a mountain stream.

Each filter capacity is almost 400 gallons of water, saving you lots of money in the long run.


  • Four stage filtration for purest water
  • Removable filter
  • Affordable
  • BPA-free
  • 400 gallon capacity


  • Prone to leaks

Click here to check price on Amazon

Survivor Filter PRO Pump

Price Level: $$$

This filter uses triple filtration, which includes .1 micron hollow fibers, carbon filtering and pre-filtering. It removes microbes, lead, pollutants, chemicals and heavy metals. These filtering features make it ideal for indoor tap or outdoor water purification. This one also has a fast flow rate of 500 ml per minute.

We especially loved how this filter could transform unfiltered water from the wildest locations to fresh, clean tasting pure water.

In addition, the shell is made of BPA-free, durable materials. The package comes with a detachable cup, a travel bag and tubes.


  • Triple filtration
  • Great tasting water
  • Removes microbes, chemicals and heavy metals
  • Multiple accessories included


  • Not so durable materials are prone to breaking

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Propur Traveler Countertop Gravity Filtration

Price Level: $$$$

Next is the Propur portable filter that uses gravity filtration to remove chemicals and microbes, including fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and bacteria. The filter is 18.5 by 7.5 and is great for personal use and travel.

Furthermore, the safe and durable stainless steel shell makes it great for outdoor use. There’s no fear of it breaking, and it’s easy to clean. The filter also has 1.6 gallon capacity.

An added perk is that the filter also creates great-tasting water. 


  • Filters out microorganisms, man-made chemicals and metals
  • Durable
  • Plastic-free
  • Great taste
  • Stainless steel


  • More expensive than other options

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As you can see, there are a few factors to consider when choosing a portable filter. Each of the filters above has its own unique features that come in handy. However, if we had to choose, the winner would be the JTTVO filtered water bottle. What makes it stand out is the four stage filtering that filters out virtually all of the most feared water toxins.

In addition, it’s made with BPA-free plastic, adding to its safety. Furthermore, it has a stylish two-in-one design, making it convenient and also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Let’s not forget the low price compared to all the benefits you get.

Now that you know more about the best portable water filters on the market, it’s up to you to choose. Have a favorite portable drinking water filter you’d like to share? Be sure to leave a comment.

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